The sustainable investor for a changing world
Developed market equities

How we invest


Our investment philosophy is based on six key beliefs, through which we seek to deliver long-term sustainable investment returns.


Human and artificial intelligence, when skilfully combined, leads to better investment decision and improved risk management.

Umbrella and rain picto EMPHASIS ON RISK MANAGEMENT

The value created through our research and idea generation needs to be carefully preserved through appropriate risk utilisation.

Magnifying glass looking at the world GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE

In an increasingly interconnect world, a global perspective is needed to make better investment decisions.

Chronometer picto LONG-TERM

Fundamental factors drive value creation over the long-term, rewarding patient investors.

Graduation hat people picto RESEARCH DRIVEN

Quality investment performance is best generated through applying open minds to in-depth research.

Plant growing in hand picto SUSTAINABLE

The way we invest can help shape the world around us. We will make decisions by systematically and explicitly integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment processes.